The Arabian Horse Foundation

Welcome to the Arabian Horse Foundation web site. Your visit indicates a charitable mind and heart. Many horse breed associations have a foundation enabling members to make contributions to help the association with philanthropic needs. As a responsible association in the equine world, AHA leadership realizes the importance of having funds to help in charitable ways and is committed to maintaining a foundation. The Foundation board of directors, which is separate from the AHA Board of Directors, has established funding needs where members can direct their contributions. Funds are directed to Scholarships for Youth, Education, Equine Research (particularly that impacting the Arabian breed), and equine rescue and rehoming. Since 2007, the Foundation has given over $130,000 in grants in these areas of need. Through its generosity, the Foundation has helped many youth in their educational endeavors, has funded programs aimed at helping in equine rescue and rehoming, impacting the lives of many horses, and funded national research projects which have had a positive impact on the Arabian breed. There are various giving levels and opportunities to help the Foundation in its charitable endeavors. Each gift, whether it be a small amount or large, is greatly appreciated. The Arabian Horse Foundation offers the opportunity to make a donation to the foundation by clicking on the Donation tab at the top of the Home page. If you have questions about making your contribution or have a special donation you wish to make, you can reach us through the Contact tab on the Home Page. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or suggestions for the Foundation. Thank you for visiting the web site. Your interest is important to us.